Content Managment

Organizations recognize enterprise content management as a strategic priority. They seek to approach content with the same level of discipline with which they manage other pieces of underlying infrastructure, such as middleware. Unfortunately, they are stuck with content management systems from yesterday that are not up to the challenge.

Safat Enterprise Solution, who has long experience delivering enterprise content management solutions can help address such issues by centralizing unstructured content on a single, scalable content management platform. Our solution provides the most complete, open, and integrated enterprise content management platform, allowing clients to consolidate unstructured content on a flexible content management system while content-enabling business processes throughout the entire enterprise.

Safat Enterprise Solutions has chosen an Enterprise Content Management software solution that,

  • Reduce Costs by Converting paper-based documents to digital and manage all unstructured content in one system.
  • Gain Efficiencies with a single source of truth, streamlined business processes, and easier access to content across your organization
  • Reduce Risks by improving consistency and auditability, comply with business policies & regulations, and ensure content security
  • Create Value by improving business agility by leveraging content across applications, business processes and departments

Why Content Management technology

The Content management technology is used to empower employees and content-enables business processes throughout your organization. By better managing content as a strategic asset and integrating content into enterprise applications and business processes, the Content management helps you lower costs and reduce risks while improving business productivity and agility.

Key Components:

  • Document Management
  • Capture and Imaging
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Business Process Management
  • Records and Retention Management
  • Digital Asset Management

With the rise of both content and mobile marketing, interacting online requires relevant, content-centric exchanges and web design compatibility with a myriad of mobile devices. To meet customer expectations your website must be adaptive and provide a seamless experience across platforms and devices.

Enterprise Web Content Management

Safat Enterprise Solutions has chosen a web content management solution that,

  • Drive customer acquisition and brand loyalty with an interactive and targeted cross-channel online customer experience.
  • Reduce costs through centralized business-user management of hundreds of sites, and easy, rapid reuse of content for the online channel.
  • Transform business with a flexible and scalable online platform that integrates easily with other enterprise technologies for customer engagement.

Why online portals

The online portals enables organizations to deliver a compelling digital experience to customers by deploying and managing sophisticated and engaging Websites across digital channels.

This Web experience management solution automates the entire process of managing the Web—including business-user content authoring, delivery of high-scale dynamic sites, content targeting and optimization, user-generated content, end-user personalization, and mobile Web delivery.

The online portals offers advanced yet easy-to-use capabilities for creating a rich and engaging online experience for customers across Web, mobile, and social channels, to build loyalty, drive customer acquisition, and reduce operational costs.