Business Process Engineering

Current State / Gap Analysis

Current state analysis helps organization to understand the “As-is” state of various IT practices. It also finds out gaps vis-à-vis desired model/standard or with the selected inputs. Key inputs for current state analysis include Business/IT objectives, Best practices, and selected models/standards, in addition to the practices that are being assessed. Under Gap Analysis we discover the improvement opportunities for the organization and the recommend changes.

Process Improvement Planning

Process Improvement Planning is a key phase of the process improvement initiative. Our methodology comprises of 3 key phase – Strategize, Prioritize, and Plan

Strategize: In this phase the health of the process improvement is analyzed by studying the various inputs and identify the desired state of the process with reference to models/standards.

Prioritize: This phase includes objectives prioritization, identifying quick-wins, evaluating pilot approach and detailing out plans.

Plan: Based on the output of the two phases above, the tactical plans are drawn up in this phase, which comprises of estimating the effort, identifying resources, budgets and drawing up timelines.

Process Definition

Our Quality Process Consulting helps the organization in developing a Quality management framework that can cover SDLC, IT Project Management, Information Security/BCM, Vendor Management, IT Controls, IT Service Management and related IT processes. The Process Consultants have sound experience in setting up the process definitions that covers methodologies, key operating procedures, templates, forms, guidelines and checklists that address the needs of various profiles of projects and services.

Measurement Framework

Measurement is the mechanism by which an organization gains insight into its performance. We propose a Target driven Software Measurement approach to define and deploy the right measurement framework in IT organizations.