Java Based Solutions

Safat Enterprise Solutions has time-proven experience and reputable expertise in the development of custom software solutions. We have been in the software development market since 2002; we cater our services according to customer needs starting with requirements, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment to provide high quality solutions.

Our methodology is aligned with the best practices of development projects. We believe that requirements management is a very important part of managing and controlling a project and we can provide a mechanism for managing and tracing requirements.


The ADF technology is an end-to-end development framework, built on top of the Enterprise Java platform, offering unparalleled productivity to application developers. The framework provides integrated infrastructure solutions for the various layers of the application and an easy way to develop on top of them. Safat Enterprise Solutions has chosen an Application Development Framework that,

  • Speeds up application development
  • Protects from technology shifts
  • Increase reusability across applications
  • Create open and standard based applications

Key Features                           

  • Based on industry standards
  • Full model-view-controller implementation
  • Rich web, mobile and desktop UIs
  • Focus on reusability
  • Visual and declarative development
  • Integrated security and customization