Enterprise Application Server


Application server allows a set of applications to meet peak demand and improve overall performance by sharing resources. It allows for rapid application deployment and automated dynamic adjustments - enabling greater efficiency, competitiveness and simplification in IT environment.

SafatES offers solutions focusing on this crucial software intermediate layer, providing secure and better interaction between different applications, incompatible data formats across different operating systems, making the most of software and hardware architectures.

SafatES offers a best of bread comprehensive administration for all environments running on weblogic application server, and troubleshooting skills that allow us to detect server failures in minimum time to allow for maximum availability of application server cover cluster environments, installation and configuration and DR sites. We also offer a consultancy services to detect CPU utilization issues, memory leakage, JDBC tunings, security assessment results and issues solving, etc…

Safat Enterprise Solutions has chosen an Application server software solution as Weblogic application server that delivers,

  • Access to the latest application development and runtime standards with extreme performance, scale and efficiency
  • Built-in messaging backbone with high availability enables comprehensive system-level communication
  • Deploy applications with active-active high availability and load balancing
  • Efficient delivery of HTML and XML in support of Rich Enterprise Applications reduces network traffic
  • Fast, predictable performance for consistent, smooth application execution
  • Rapid access to application data at scale with high reliability
  • Powerful systems monitoring and diagnostics down to the JVM for fast error detection and resolution
  • Flexible tooling options enable fast, high-quality service and application development

Why Enterprise Application Server

The Enterprise application server used for developing and deploying applications across conventional and cloud environments. It provides a mission critical cloud platform for applications requiring performance, scalability and reliability. Integrated, native management tools simplify operations and reduce management costs. Developers can leverage modern development tooling and server features for application innovation.