About Safat

Safat is a leading IT Business Solutions provider with a 14 years’ successful track record in successfully delivering IT solutions to enterprise clients in the GCC region. Established in 2002 and headquartered in Kuwait, Safat today operates in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. Over the years, Safat has developed a reputation for successful delivery of large and complex IT projects for both the private and public sectors across the GCC. Safat has delivered numerous project to banks, telco, oil & gas and various government entities. This has Safat has gained extensive expertise and experience in system integrations, software development, and support capabilities.

At Safat, we employ the highest standards and best practices in the IT industry to ensure we are able to act as a business enabler. This helps guarantee our success through successful and quality deliverables to enable our clients streamline operations and improve their bottom line.

Mision, vision and values

Mission: To help our clients achieve their business objectives and fulfill their enterprise vision through the application of innovative thinking and leading edge technology solutions.

Vision: To become the leadership resource provider of business solutions for our cleints in the GCC  region.

Values: Integrity - Transparency - Trust  


executive team

Mr. Fawzi Razouki

Mr. Fawzi Razouki



Dr. Memdoh Naji

Dr. Memdoh Naji

Chief Executive Officer


Dr.Walid Razouki

Dr.Walid Razouki

Managing Partner


our approach

innovative approach

Capitalizing on our creativity, we develop innovative solutions to complex business problems built on:

  • Solid business process and domain expertise.

  • Comprehensive understanding of technology solutions and IT infrastructure.

  • Ability to implement enterprise solutions in a way that delivers bottom-line business value.

  • Modern and low risk project management methodologies.

  • Ability to map business needs to electronic services and automated processes.

  • Having pool of competitive consultants worldwide with high professional credits in its board members.

consultative sales model

SafatES services can’t be offered through normal sales technique. It requires special sales process we have reflected which is the sales through consultancy or consultative sales. This approach relies on SafatES consulting team to secure projects for the entire company. The consulting team is SafatES front line and the first the client see. Through consultative sales approach we were able to secure many strategic projects. Over the years we were able to define 7 common triggers to our sales activities:

  • Modernizing customer service

  • Single view of the customer

  • Infrastructure agility

  • Improving customer responsiveness

  • Infrastructure rationalization

  • New application install

  • Inter-enterprise integration

Structured Support Model

For the Professional Services (Implementation, Delivery and Support); SafatES has formulated its State-Of-the-Art Model to control the implementation, ensure successful delivery and provide satisfactory Support.

Integrated Delivery Model

In order to deliver the quality services in the Consulting Arena, SafatES has adopted the following Consulting and Delivery Model